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Exeter Web Design

Prize Pig Media is a Web Design agency from the sunny city of Exeter in Devon. While Exeter is definitely the place we call home we work with clients from all over the world, providing strategic creative design.

Customer Experience

We understand that a website is so much more than just the aesthetics and appearance, which is why we design and build websites that solve problems for your business, enhance the customer experience, grow your digital footprint and increase your business’ exposure.

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Professional Web Design in Exeter

It’s never been easier to create your own website than it is today. While this is a fantastic leap in freedom for business owners globally it has lead to a trend of poorly designed, under performing sites that can cost businesses untold amounts of potential work and in some cases can be it’s eventual downfall.

Mobile First Web Design

Most people are using their mobiles to access the internet now and it’s essential that your business adapts as your customers do. All of our websites are designed for mobile first and then expanded on for desktop and tablet. 

User Experience

A huge part of our role is to understand how people operate while browsing the internet. This knowledge allows us to create clear, concise call to actions that engage and interest visitors, converting them in to customers. By making sure your site looks good on any screen size or device this ensures a consistently great user experience. 

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Cloud Hosting For Website Speed & Reliability

Website speed is an integral part of both user experience and search engine optimisation. Did you know your rank on Google is affected by how fast your site is? We only used Cloud Hosting to achieve the fastest loading speeds for your site.

Benefits Of Using A Web Designer

All of our designs are responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile with UX at their core, driving visitors to engage with calls to action. We only use high speed Cloud Hosting for our sites ensuring lightning quick load speeds and visitors staying on your site for longer. Search Engine Optimisation is at the heart of our design ensuring that you’ll always be found on Google for your services.

Low Fidelity Prototyping

We focus on structure and user experience, not just pretty colours.

We take in to account things that are often overlooked such as SSL certificates, optimised images with alt tags and correct titles, responsiveness across devices, clear concise call to actions, meta data, fluid linking, external links, site structure and much, much more.

Build your Business

We offer a simple range of services all aimed at helping you build your business

Web Design

It's all about the User Experience (UI/UX)


We build things for the internet

Web Hosting

Shared Servers and Managed Cloud Hosting


As your business grows your brand develops


Sell online & start earning more money


Help & Support

We provide advice, help & support

As well as working on some of our own projects we’ve been delighted to work with other businesses on building their new website that reflects modern day branding by utilising the latest in UX design. See for yourself…