Meet the Team

Small team with big ideas and even bigger ambitions. Prize Pig Media is currently made up of two professionals but we’re constantly looking for talented people we can work with. 

Paul 'Mr' Keating

Tech & Design Director

Paul has previously developed some amazing websites including the award winning site and he has experience in all aspects of business. Winning Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Devon) for 2014, Paul is an experienced website developer with a high level of business knowledge.

Not only can he build a great website but he’s able to understand how to make it work best for your business. Paul has a keen interest in open-source technology, in particularly frameworks such as WordPress and Siberian CMS. As well as keeping up to date in all the latest technology Paul has a particular interest in SEO and enjoys getting out on the water with his (SUP) paddle board.

MrKeating - Paul Keating Prize Pig Media

Edmund Meredith-Yates

Creative Director

Edmund has previously worked in the energy sector for 5 years specialising in digital marketing for solar technology. As a qualified Prince2 project manager Ed is capable of handling both large commercial scale projects as well as the more intimate community events.

Edmund has been developing websites for 2 years now but there is no lack of skill when it comes to delivering a top performing website. Specialising in the use of the WordPress CMS, Ed is really at home when in the creative process of brand development and in his spare time he enjoys surfing the Devon and Cornwall coast line.

Pete 'Pedro' Knowles

Art Director

The Pig

Over the years this little furry friend of ours has been given many different names but one that’s stuck with him is quite simply, The PIG. His real name is Bruce but I honestly can’t remember the last time someone called him that. He’s a Pugalier (Pug crossed with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) with a particular interest in carrots. When he was a puppy it didn’t even have to be edible – it just had to look nice and he’d eat it. I think it’s clear how he got his name.


Sounds crazy right? Truth is this is the reality of it. We have a lot of different bots working hard for us! When you think of robots you think of the walking talking terminator type but people tend to forget that bot technology is becoming more common in our day to day lives than we wish to believe. Whether it’s a chat robot that offers customer support or a web crawling bot such as Googlebot. 

Also websites will have what’s known as the robots exclusion protocol or to put it simply, a robots.txt file. This is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers, such as Googlebot and other web robots. This file is used to specify how the web robot crawls the website, informing the robot about which areas of the website should not be crawled or scanned.

Join the Team

As we grow we’ll be working with different professionals in all areas so we’ll be looking to expand our team. If you think you’ve got something you can add and you’d like to join a fun hard working group then please let us know!

Work with us...

Here at Prize Pig Media we’re always keen to work with others and collaborate on certain projects. If you’ve got an idea but need some help to get going then get in touch with us today.