Web Hosting

Here at Prize Pig Media we have two hosting solutions to choose from. The Nursery hosting package on our shared server or the Piggery package which is our managed cloud hosting solution. Both plans are hassle-free hosting, come with our customer support and give you the option to DIY or We Build it for You. Get a unique quote from us today to see how we can help your business.


One domain name is included for the first 12 months for free with every hosting package. This is limited to an example.co.uk OR example.uk domain name. We’ll work with you to make sure we secure the BEST domain name and we’ll advise you to secure other names such as .com or .shop. We renew your domain for free when you continue to host with us.


We install WordPress and configure the basic settings so you can start building right away. Both of our hosting packages come with all the tools you need to build your own website using WordPress and we’re here to help you if it’s needed. If you get stuck just check our growth blog for some helpful hints, tips and how-to guides. To protect your brand it’s wise to secure as many domain names as possible (or you can afford). If you’d like to use a different domain name other than the .co.uk OR .uk that’s included please discuss this with us and we can do this for you but there may be a small additional charge.


Plugins add extra functions to themes. First we install either a free* theme of your choice or we select the best free* theme for the job. We also have access to the full selection of Premium themes from Modern themes or we start with a bare bones theme and build a custom solution. If you require specific functions on your website it might be necessary to purchase a premium theme and or plugins. We install and configure the basic settings on all the necessary plugins required for additional security, GDPR Cookie Compliance and Google Analytics. There are thousands of paid and free plugins available that will add extra features and functionality to your WordPress website. If your website requires a specific feature or function please get in touch with us to discuss and we’ll help find the best plugin for the job – or we’ll build it for you!


Everything we do is done securely. Every website we host will have a Secure Socket Layer or SSL Certificate attached to it. These certificates offer adequate security for small to medium sized websites but there are more advanced paid options available if you’re particularly concerned about security or your website handles lots of sensitive member data.


SSD stands for Solid State Drive and they’re the latest development in data storage technology that can be found in computers, just like the more familiar Hard Drive. All our websites are stored on servers that utilize the latest SSD technology. Basically it’s faster loading for all your website files.


At Prize Pig Media we offer three levels of support: Basic, Advanced and The Sow. Our Basic Support includes an email ticketing system whereby we aim to respond within 4-24 hours. Any support requests that require work to be completed that goes above and beyond our responsibilities as a web host will be billable work and this will need to be agreed before we carry out any work. We advise all clients to purchase our Support Package.


Our managed WordPress cloud hosting solution provides optimised servers so you can experience the best possible performance. In addition to this we become part of your extended technical team, taking care of all website and server related issues while giving a hassle-free hosting experience.


WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress and it’s one of the most popular plugins used today. If you want to run an online store, take payments and manage your customers we advise all clients to select this package, not only because the managed hosting solution is faster and more secure but we also install WooCommerce.


Your website is being monitored 24/7/365 in real-time by an AI-based bot. This smart assistant sends us performance insights to help optimize servers and web applications. Basically if anything happens we know about it pretty quickly.


A CDN or Content Delivery Network speeds up the delivery of static content on websites. This is just one additional layer of functionality that improves website load times, user experience and contributes towards good overall SEO practices.


Included with the Wild Boar package is a dedicated Staging environment. This is where you’re able to test any website or application changes and then roll them out to your live website without worrying about breaking something.


We monitor your web traffic to make sure that the server has enough resources to handle the amount page views it’s receiving. If your website begins to receive lot’s of page views we can easily scale up the server resources by adding more RAM, CPU and storage. If you experience exponential growth we may advise you to move to your own dedicated server but don’t worry, we can help with all of this.


At Prize Pig Media we offer three levels of support: Basic, Advanced and The Sow. Our Advanced Support includes email ticketing system whereby we aim to respond within 2-12 hours and emergency telephone support. Requests that require work to be completed that goes above and beyond our responsibilities as a web host will be billable work and needs to be agreed in writing. We advise all clients to purchase our Support Package.

We use Cloudways to manage a number of servers from a range of cloud hosting providers including Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform plus others.

DIY or We Build it for You

Both our web hosting packages provide you with all the tools you need to build a professional website and operate a successful business. If you’re not confident doing it yourself we can provide you with a detailed quote for a professional website build and technical support.

DIY Website Build

We've combined a carefully selected range of tools to offer you a complete package to build your business

Pro Website Build

Take away the stress and let us build you a professional website that get results for your business