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Let Prize Pig Media build your website and watch your business grow. Want to get some answers and find out more about getting a website for your business, give us a call.

Experts In Website Development

Prize Pig Media is a website design company based in Exeter, Devon. We build beautiful responsive websites with Search Engine Optimisation at their core. A professional website can give your business the exposure and trust it needs to grow and build.

Web Development Based In Exeter

If you’re thinking about creating a website for your brand or business in Exeter, Prize Pig Media can develop a beautiful, high performing site to build your online presence.

Why Should I Use A Web Design Agency?

Your website is no different to a real store front on the high street, professional design and experience drive results. We can create a beautiful, bespoke site to represent your brand and goals.

E commerce

Exeter High Street is full of beautiful boutique stores and we can help to take you store online with E commerce. Open up your business to the world’s largest marketplace.

Don't Like Email?

Speak to us about your new website right now. We’re always free for a chat so don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love to meet our clients for a socially distanced coffee.

Search Engine Optimisation

We build all of our sites with SEO at their core. A wise man once said SEO is 60% science and 40% art. We have a tried and tested method to ensure your business will be found on Google.

Content Structure

Content is an integral part of website development and matching your content to user intent is essential for people and for Google algorithms.

Content Optimisation

Images and text can’t just be uploaded to a website. We take a methodical approach to keywords, alt ags, image compression, titles, meta descriptions and much more.

Google Optimisation

Just like we search the web, Google’s bots are constantly searching the internet. Unlike us they see the world a little differently so we design our websites to be attractive to people and robots. 

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Tested Web Design Formula

SEO Optimised

Responsive Design

Generate Leads

Responsive Design

More people are using their mobile devices to search the internet and make purchases. We develop sites for devices of all shapes and sizes.

Mobile Ready

We hear this a lot. The answer is everything ready, your website will adapt to fit any screen size due to intuitive design and groundbreaking tools.

Phone - Tablet - Desktop

Your website will look fantastic on all devices ensuring visitors interact and return to your site.

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UX Design

Website Design is all about the user and understanding their needs and intent. Calls to action with the right message at the right time can lead to huge results for your business.

Lead Conversion

Just because someone visits your website it doesn’t mean they will engage with your content or use your services. Creating the right user experience gives you the freedom to engage and communicate with your customers in the best way possible. Want a phone call? Or an email? Maybe even a zoom chat, good web design lets you talk to your customers how you want to.

Bounce Rate

Bad user experience, bad bounce rate. Poor landing pages, design, imagery, copy, security etc will have people leaving your site quicker than you would like. Using a professional web developer takes the guesswork out and ensures you create the customer pathway you want.


Website security is becoming ever more important. Keeping your own and your customers privacy is essential when operating an online business. We have strict regimes to ensure we have all of the safeguards in place.


We add cryptographic protocols designed to provide communication security over networks. This can be identified by the small padlock to left of the url bar in your browser. This is essential for all websites and Google’s robots.

External Threats

As the internet grows so do malicious attacks. We are experts at defending against the dark side of the internet with several layers of security and bot protection.

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Website Speed

How long do you wait for a website to load? Website speed is a key indicator on bounce rate, leave your visitor with a slow loading homepage and they’ll leave just as quickly as they arrived.

Cloud Hosting

We used managed cloud hosting to provide full load times at around 2 seconds even on the most complex of sites. Hosting is often overlooked but a slow website is as good as useless for your customers.

Fast Load Times

Fast loading web pages are great for your customers and make using your services a pleasure. It also indicates to Google’s algorithm that your site is a perfect location to send its billions of daily users.

Need Some Creative Help?

We’ve designed a brand awareness questionnaire that can give you a real head start when designing your website.


WordPress is an open source Content Management System being constantly developed and improved. It has so many benefits but don’t take our word for it take a look here.


E commerce is becoming a huge opportunity at the moment. People are shopping online more than ever and getting your products online could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Plug Ins

WordPress Plug Ins allow quick integration of complex systems like directories or portfolios. This makes WordPress websites the perfect choice for more complex membership sites requiring regular communication, payments and bookings.

The WordPress Community

WordPress websites currently make up about 40% of the internet. Imagine working on something that everyone else in the world is and all of the collaboration and support available.