Our Work

Here you’ll find a list of Prize Pig Media clients. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people that are coming up with some brilliant ideas, plus we’ve been delighted to be able to help local businesses that have been struggling!


Revive a Bee

You can help save a tired bee with the Revive a Bee thirst aid kit. This little kit fits neatly on your keychain so wherever you go you’ll always be able to help save a bee.

While Revive a Bee is not a charity it is an ethical website. With such responsibilities a beautiful and functional website is essential to the brand. Both Ed & Paul continue to work on trying to help save the bees.


Devon Leaf

The guys at Devon Leaf needed to update their online infrastructure to include a multi domain strategy with business directory, online payments and more. We continue to work with them on developing their brand, increasing their online presence and helping them build their business.


K&K Consulting

Between them Kirsty and Kate or K&K Consulting, have a wealth of knowledge in business support. Coming from a strong legal and admin background they take pride in completing all tasks to a high standard and they needed a website that reflected the work they do.

Our focus was to present a clean, professional website to elevate the existing brand. We didn’t feel the need to redesign the logo but instead we spent time selecting the right color palette and choosing the right images. Read the client case study to find out more.


Whipton Eye Centre

A local independent optician based in Exeter, Whipton Eye Centre has a focus on personal customer service. With over 25 years experience they needed a modern professional website to match their physical storefront.

We created a new site with domain exeteropticians.co.uk to ensure that we met specific search intent and then we matched that with clear concise call-to-actions spread across the site. We took photos of the practice to move away from the stock photos used on their previous site and gave a clear concise message about the business and it’s values above the fold (the area in your view when you first land on a website).

exeter opticians website

CT Shave Shop

A local barber shop in Sidmouth had an old website that needed updating and modernising. First things first we identified some confusion with the brand so we suggested a multi domain strategy.

CT Shave Shop is not only a barber shop in Sidmouth but they also sell a selection of shaving products online under the name Cut Throat Shaving.

We developed a new website for the barber shop that will link to the new woocommerce store that sells products nationally. 


Anna Dusseau

Anna came to us because she was in the process of having her book ‘The Case For Homeschooling’ published. This meant a lot of promotion and media events and the exposure that went along with it so are task was to ensure that anyone searching would find a professional site with clear links to purchase the book and inform visitors of upcoming publications.

This was particularly time sensitive due to an upcoming interview with a national newspaper so we worked tirelessly to ensure Anna had the landing page she wanted and needed.

reed brooks iphone

Reed & Brooks


Reed & Brooks are a trusted local builder in the Exeter area skilled in a variety of building and property services. They came to us to see how we could improve their online presence and bring their business online. 

We created a beautiful website where they could showcase their work and add images of recent work. We created a Google My Business listing to link to the website to help with their exposure to local customers. This meant not only will they be found on Google search they will also appear on Google maps as well.

Reed & Brooks specifically asked to receive any enquiries via phone call due to their busy daily schedule so we built the site to encourage visitors to click one of the many visible phone numbers and get the information they need if they couldn’t already find it on the site.